LTL refers to cargo that does not fill a full truckload or “Less than Truckload” for its acronym in English.

LTL applies when cargo from multiple shippers is moved simultaneously on the same truck instead of having their cargo exclusively on a single trailer. This is perfect for shipments that are between one and six pallets or, effectively, any shipment that is less than 12 linear feet because it makes the most of available shipping space. In situations like these, any shipment in excess of six pallets could still qualify for modalities such as bulk LTL or a partial truckload shipment.

FTL (Full Truck Load) or full truck is the land transport service in which a full truck is dedicated for a single load, to a single customer. In FTL service, large loads are usually transported, capable of occupying an entire truck. It is also functional for delicate loads or loads that need to be transported at a certain temperature.

FTL especifcations:

* Up to 26 non-stackable pallets or up to 52 stackable pallets of standard sizes. Remember that the standard measurements of a pallet are: 48″ x 40″ x 48″.

* The total weight of the cargo must be 44,000 pounds or 21.7 tons


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